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Becky Higgins' Project Life Is The Biggest Trend In Scrapbooking

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Actually it is the EVOLUTION of scrapbooking.

Are you feeling overwhelmed?

Like me, you are busy with family, work and community. I also feel it is valuable and important to record our living history. But when?

Imagine the peace and confidence

I determined a long time ago that I was a LIFER. I did not set a goal to one day be DONE scrapbooking. However I do enjoy the feeling of "keeping up". But with all of life's 'stuff' it is easy to feel like you are falling behind with your story.

Enter Becky Higgins' Project Life

As you know Becky is a busy mom, wife, entrepenuer, as well as a talented, well respected scrapbook hero. Her no-nonsense approach to scrapbook layouts have created many fans. Her simple to adapt sketches were some of my favorites. Now she has taken that style to a whole new level. She has removed the stress and frustration and what you are left with is sheer brillance.

Project Life has everything you need and then some.

  • Beautiful Album - check
  • Creative Design - check
  • Organized layout - check

All you need is your photos, a pen and your thoughts. Check Check

Whether you take a photo a day (POTD) or compile your best photos of the month, it adapts to whatever you need. The ideas are truly endless. Whatever you want to scrapbook, you can use Project Life.

It is like having your cake and eating it too!

Follow the links below to learn more about this fantastic way to scrapbook.

{PROJECT Life} Scrapbooking made EASY!

Tammy Morales
Your Scrapbook Coach

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